ICE VS. HEAT Treatments for a Knee Injury

So What's Better - Ice or Heat?

When dealing with a knee injury it's hard to know what treatment will work best for you. You might be wondering if ice and heat will work for you. Or maybe even which will work better - ice OR heat.

What's better for your knee injury? Ice or heat?

Icing and heating have been around for centuries and but are used for very different purposes. First and foremost, lets deal with the issue of heat:

If you have an Acute (recent, inflamed) Soft Tissue Injury, Do Not Use Heat.

Your doctor knows that the sooner cold is applied, the quicker you can reduce inflammation and achieve real pain relief. This will help reduce the chance of a much longer lasting chronic injury. Heat and inflammation are a bad mix and should not be used together. Heat is good at the spa - it will help your body relax, but when it comes to an injury it is not a good idea.

How to Use Superior Temperature Treatments to Heal & Relieve Pain from Your Knee Injury!


Combining cold and warmth is a simple yet effective way to get immediate pain relief and promote long-term healing. In your lifetime you've probably had your mom, family doctor, nurse, surgeon or physical therapist tell you to use ice right after you're injured and something warm from time to time once the swelling's gone down. It's a simple yet very effective way to relieve pain and promote healing in your knee.

Knee injuries can happen to anyone, right now there are thousands of doctors and physical therapists dealing with patients that require a solution to treat their knee injury fast and heal it (where possible).

If you want to be proactive about properly dealing with your knee pain, speak to your doctor about adding conservative temperature treatments to your recovery with MendMyKnee's system using a Cold Compress or Ice Pack and Circulation Boost with a Knee TShellz Wrap®.

The MendMyKnee At-Home Temperature Therapy Healing System Gives You:

  • Registered FDA medical devices available for use at home.
  • deep tissue repair knee
  • A Knee TShellz® Circulatory Boost Wrap Energy directed into the knee soft tissue where it's needed.
  • Soft, plush, neoprene wraps - flexible and comfortable for exceptional treatment.
  • A Treatment Formula adhering to the RICE concept - with a TShellz Wrap® used to increase blood flow circulation before activity and cold used to relieve pain / swelling after activity.
Conservative treatment tools such as these will help you achieve long-term healing results and prevent re-injury.

Superior Technology

Why Should I Use a Conservative Treatment Protocol Including a Cold Compress and Heat via the TShellz Wrap®?

  • You're looking to heal your knee quickly and want to boost the natural power of pain relief and healing in your body.
  • You don't want to repeatedly pay the cost (both from your wallet and time needed for long-term healing) of injections, medications, hospital visits or surgery.
  • You want to prevent your injury from worsening.
  • You want to prevent any future re-injury, pain, tear or swelling in your knee.
  • You want to control your own treatment and healing at home, on your own time.
  • You're looking for a tried, tested, and true method of healing that thousands of knee injury sufferers have used successfully.
ice heat track race knee injury

When to use Cold:

  • 24 to 72 hours after your initial injury or when you first notice pain and swelling to stop tissue damage, relieve pain, and decrease swelling.
  • After exercise, workouts or activity of any kind to prevent re-injury.
  • Before and after surgery during rehabilitation to control pre and post-surgery pain and swelling.
  • Anytime you feel your knee has been over-extended, over-worked, twisted, strained or sprained causing pain and swelling.
  • Anytime you have swelling, sharp throbbing pain or inflammation.
  • Any other situation where you need to draw the pain and inflammation out of your knee and surrounding tissue.

Here are a couple of examples for when to use cold (ice) or heat:

You have an ACL (anterior crucial ligament) injury that's been on-going for quite some time.

You're having a "good day" (your injury is feeling fine) and decide to walk the dog a few extra blocks for a longer route. You realize afterwards that was a bad idea because your knee is throbbing and even more painful than the day before.

You should use COLD on your ACL to stop additional tearing or damage in your ligament and help ease the pain.

You previously suffered from a sprain in your patellar tendon.

Now you're trying to bring your vaccum cleaner up a set of stairs in your house to clean your bedroom. You forgot about your injury but realize it's there when you try carry, push or pull the vacuum up the stairs with you... Flexing and putting weight on your knee just reminded you of the sprain, and now you feel a dull ache in your knee. You stop and ask someone else to bring the vacuum upstairs for you (you stopped the activity that will cause more tearing in your patellar tendon). The pain was temporary and is now gone which means NO cold compression is needed.

In this case heat (Circulation Boost) should be used to relieve the dull ache in your patellar tendon and encourage healing of your damaged tissue.

It's crucial to use cold after any sort of activity causes you on-going pain.

When Should You Use A Knee TShellz Wrap® On Your Knee?

TShellz Wrap® treatments work best to increase blood flow circulation and stimulate the bodys own healing process for older (chronic) injuries, re-injury (after swelling has been reduced) and during long-term post surgery recovery. TShellz Wraps® should not be used directly after an injury, as you must wait for initial swelling to drop. TShellz Wrap® treatments should not be started for a least 2 weeks after surgery because inflammation levels will be very high as the healing process starts over again. The use of a TShellz Wrap® during home recovery (once your physician or surgeon approves) from surgery should also be combined with gradual movement to stretch out your knee to increase range of motion while helping reduce growth of more scar tissue.

Later Collateral Ligament View Knee Wrap

If you have a chronic knee injury that keeps getting re-injured you should use a Knee TShellz Wrap before activity to loosen up your tissue (making it more flexible). This treatment is shown to increase the elasticity (flexibility) of the soft tissue in and around the treatment area, making it more pliable for activity and less likely to re-injure.

Sometimes we feel pain while doing a certain activity - should you still use a TShellz Wrap®? Using a TShellz Wrap in the morning before you start your day or before activity can help to boost blood-flow and reduce risk of further strain or injury. Use cold part-way through your day after you have been active so you can decrease pain and inflammation from the flare up.

Using a Knee TShellz Wrap® is a good long-term plan because it will help stimulate blood flow during every treatment and can also be used on a preventive basis to relax constricted soft tissue. Circulatory Boost enhances the local blood circulatory system, increasing the flow of nutrients your tissue needs to heal - oxygen, nutrients and energy.

With regular use of the Knee TShellz Wrap:

  • Your pain will be reduced.
  • Due to increased blood flow, soft tissue in the knee will recover at an accelerated rate.
  • Your corresponding knee will have a larger range of motion and increased extensibility of collagen tissue. (Chapter 9 of "Therapeutic Heat and Cold", 4th edition. ( link Ed. Justus F. Lehmann, M.D., Williams, and Wilkin)

Our high quality wraps are registered with the FDA as medical devices which meet high manufacturing standards.

Here is Another Example of Heat vs Cold for a Meniscus Tear

You had a lateral meniscus tear 2 years ago but that injury has healed and the pain has been gone for over 6 months.

You went to a new fitness / aerobics class and notice your knee feels stiff the day after your first class. There's no pain, inflammation or swelling, just stiffness / soreness where your old injury was.

In this case, you should use Circulatory Boost on your knee before your next work out to loosen up your knee and increase the elasticity and flexibility of joint. Circulatory Boost can be used multiple times per day if you notice residual stiffness. If stiffness remains, continue to use Circulatory Boost to make sure your old injury doesn't come back.

Wrap Knee Meniscus

Use a Knee TShellz Wrap for Heat:

  • After swelling and inflammation have been reduced with cold compression.
  • Before exercise or workouts to warm up your knee & prevent re-injury.
  • Before and after surgery during rehabilitation to warm up your tissues before physical therapy exercising or stretching.
  • Anytime you feel your knee has stiffened up, is tight and your mobility is reduced.
  • Anytime you have sore or aching tissue.
  • Any other situation where you need to increase blood flow to your injury to relax your tendons, ligaments & muscle, prevent re-injury and enhance flexibility of your tissue.

Here is Another Example of Heat vs Cold Regarding Shooting Knee Pain

You occasionally feel sharp shooting pain under your knee cap that goes down your shin.

You're not sure if you have an injury, but the pain seems to come and go only when you're on your feet for an extended period of time or walking, jogging, jumping or running. When you feel the sharp pain, the pain will continue to build up and afterwards your knee may feel weak or unstable.

In this case cold compression with a Knee Cold Compress should be used when the pain comes on. The cold compression will decrease the amount of damage being done to your soft tissue. Rest may also be needed by avoiding the activities that make your knee pain worse.

Keep using Circulation Boost before activity (jogging, walking, extended period of time on feet, etc) and when you notice any stiffness in your knee to 'warm up' your tissue and stimulate healing.

When to use a Knee TShellz Wrap:

  • When the swelling is gone (usually after applying cold compression to the injury over 24 to 48 hr period).
  • BEFORE getting out of bed in the morning. BEFORE going to bed at night.
  • BEFORE exercise, workouts or activity of any kind to increase elasticity of the ligaments & tendons and decrease chance of re-injury.
  • AFTER surgery (once the skin wound has healed over) to increase post-surgery healing rate and minimize scar tissue growth at the surgery location.
  • Anytime BEFORE you feel you might undertake activity that will put significant strain on the injury area.
Wrap Knee Meniscus

The goal of this website is to give you as much information as possible to enable you to find the quickest cost effective options for dealing with your soft tissue knee injury. Thousands of our past clients have used our natural, home-based treatments to heal and recover fully from thier own injuries. In most cases of soft tissue injury, we know that these natural, home based treatments are highly effective conservative treatment options that have aided others in healing both acute and chronic knee ligament and tendonitis injuries.

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Injury Example - ACL:

You have an ACL (anterior crucial ligament) injury that has calmed down in the last couple weeks.

You're feeling good today (no pain) and decide to walk the dog a few extra blocks for a longer route. You realize afterwards that was a bad idea because your knee is throbbing and even more painful than the day before.

Use cold compression on your ACL to stop additional tearing or damage in your ligament, help ease the pain and keep swelling down.

Injury Example - Quadricep Tendinitis Above the KneeCap:

You previously suffered from Quadricep Tendinitis just above the kneecap, but the pain has been gone for 3 weeks now.

You are planning on going out for a short hike with some friends and expect to be on your feet for a considerable length of time.

In this case a Knee TShellz Wrap should be used before the hiking trip, as this treatment will increase elasticity and flexibility of the quadricep tendon (and surrounding soft tissue). This pre-emptive treatment will decrease the chance of re-injuring your quadricep tendon while on your physically energetic hike.

It's crucial to use cold after any sort of activity causes you on-going pain.

How to Use Consistent Deep Tissue Stretching to Improve Knee Strength & Health

Stretch your knee to boost healing.

For most serious knee soft tissue injuries, 100% injury healing requires stretching. Stretching is an important part of tendon, ligament and muscle healing - and it's the final step needed when healing your knee injury with conservative treatment methods.

It is a serious error to underestimate the importance of stretching a recovering knee injury. Before returning to full activity after an injury, physical therapists prescribe gentle stretching... This is because stretching helps work out scar tissue and prevent atrophy (tissue shortening). Consistent stretching is one of the only solutions available to break up scar tissue that forms on your knee as it heals.

Stretching with use of a TShellz Wrap® is Optimal!

Stretching your knee can
be more beneficial when applying
A Knee TShellz Wrap® Before Activity

A Knee TShellz Wrap® application will help to increase soft tissue elasticity while stimulating blood flow in the area before stretching.

There is a Unique Formula used for Knee Injury Recovery...

We're going to let you in on a key piece of information... In every physical therapy appointment your physical therapist will use conservative treatments, massage, manual manipulation and/or stretching exercises to give you this Professional 3-Step Treatment Formula:

Step 1 - Warm Up Your Knee

Physical therapists will warm up your muscle by performing deep tissue massage.

For this 1st step many physical therapists will use heat, manual manipulation, deep tissue massage, clinical ultrasound devices or a warm bath to warm up your knee. The goal during this first step is to increase healthy blood flow circulation and relax your soft tissue.

'Warming up' your knee will increase the elastic-nature of your soft tissue fibers making it much easier to stretch and when needed, hold the stretch. This will also extend the amount that you will be able to stretch your knee.

Increase Your Blood Flow Circulation at Home

MendMeShop Knee Wrap

Use a Knee TShellz Wrap® for 15 to 20 minutes at least half an hour before stretching your knee. A TShellz® Circulatory Boost Wrap is a therapy intended to increase the blood flow to the knee while warming up and relaxing your injured tissue. This will help make your soft tissue fibers more elastic and pliable, allowing for more ease of movement when you're stretching and/or exercising.

Continued treatment with a TShellz Wrap® will also deliver much-needed oxygen, nutrients and water (basically energy) to your knee. This will boost your bodys own natural healing ability helping assist in your recovery.

Step 2 - Stretch Your Knee

After your knee is warmed up your physical therapist will guide you through stretches to improve mobility.

The main goal of physical therapy is to exercise (stretch out) your knee to improve flexibility and range of motion. After the physical therapist has warmed up your soft tissue, they'll get you to do a series of exercises that are focused on stretching the area and surrounding soft tissue.

This exercise may include heel slides that are focused on moving your knee, quadriceps, groin, hip, hamstring, calf, shin and Achilles tendon.

Sometimes cardiovascular exercise, like using a stationary bike or treadmill, will be recommended under the supervision of your physical therapist.

Improve Your Range of Motion at Home

Your physician or PT can offer a stretching routine that will be beneficial to all of the tendons, ligaments and muscles in and around your knee joint. Stretch often as directed and increase your repetitions as movement becomes more fluid and natural for you.

Why are knee injuries so hard to over come? In two words - scar tissue.

Scar tissue builds in your knee as tears heal

Soft tissue is meant to be soft and flexiable, ready to work and move extreme forces in everyday activities. A sprain, tear, or stain in your knee will heal with scar tissue; little tiny band-aids that overlap each other on the tissue mending the injury. With the added scar tissue the soft tissue in your knee becomes rigid, less ready to move and unable to recieve the full force of your movements. If you're suffering with scar tissue now you may feel the effects with stiffness, tightness, weakness and tiredness in your knee.

Scar tissue can form fast to bring together the edges of a tear, but working fast doesn't mean that the job's done right. When scar tissue forms it doesn't come together as neatly as regular (healthy) tissue would. Scar tissue fibers will lay down over top of your tear in a cluttered, messy and jumbled up way.

Imagine throwing a bunch of drinking straws in the air... When those straws hit the ground they'll land in a random, unorganized way. It even seems silly to think that those straws could land perfectly straight and all in the same direction.

Stretching helps to organize the scar tissue, increasing the strength of this tissue so it's more like the weave of a basket.

Step 3 - Cool Down Your Knee

Toward the end of your appointment your physical therapist may introduce cold compression, acupuncture, or TENS to relax your knee after the intense stretching and exercise.

Use a Knee TShellz Wrap® before starting your stretching routine. The TShellz Wrap® will help increase flexibility during exercise and decrease the risk of further injury.

Use an Ice Pack or cold compress after stretching or anytime there is a flareup of swelling in the knee.

anterior cruciate ligament injury treatment

Our Knee Injury Formula is Proven to Work!

We are very confident our TShellz Wraps and exercise ebook products will assist you in recovering from your injury by reducing your swelling and inflammation induced pain, maximizing blood flow where it's needed most and increasing the flexibility / range of motion of your knee with consistent, safe stretching.

Here at MendMyKnee we pride ourselves in helping you with your healing and recovery process. Everyone at MendMyKnee has tested and used the products, finding solutions to conditions that do not fit into the norm. This dedication to our customers and our products goes hand-in-hand with our guarantees to you as a customer:

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During your recovery, you will probably have to modify and/or eliminate any activities that cause pain or discomfort at the location of your soft tissue injury until the pain and inflammation settle. The more diligent you are with your treatment and rehabilitation, the faster you will see successful results!

Please be aware that this information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. CALL YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IMMEDIATELY IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider before using any of our outstanding products to make sure they are right for you and your condition or if you have any questions regarding a medical condition. Always see your doctor for a proper diagnosis as there are often many injuries and conditions (some very serious) that could be the cause of your pain.

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